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Cuvee #1

Brut Héritage

80% Pinot Noir – 15% Chardonnay – 5% Pinot Meunier


Presentation #1

Delicate gold in colour, beaded with extremely fine bubbles forming an elegant cordon of foam on the surface of the glass. Its intense nose reveals a delicate blend of white fruit (apples, pears), honey, vanilla and acacia. Blending ensures a consistent style and identity for this Brut, which reveals a complex, harmonious character, and leaves an impression of lightness and fullness with a long final note of mint and aniseed.

Cuvee #2


60% Pinot noir – 40% Chardonnay


Presentation #2

Balanced, refined, constant and reassuring: our vintage cuvée is like our father Alain Brochet, head of the Estate until 2012. Only in the best years, we create this blend 2/3 Pinot Noir 1/3 Chardonnay, search for the perfect harmony, Champagne with elegant and seductive complexity. The nose is fine and distinguished, it evokes the scents of white and yellow fruits (apple, pear, peach) but also scents of candied lemons and dried fruits (almond, hazelnut) to then leave room to more mature touches on the toasted sandwich bread. This evolving nose offers aromas of pastries and brioche when aerated. Very nice mouth, at the same time full, full and with a fleshy fruity expression. In the evolution, on a greater richness, of the “vinosity” and a beautiful maturity the whole being counterbalanced by a freshness which gives it delicacy and finesse.

Cuvee #3

Extra Blanc

100% Chardonnay – Extra-brut dosage


Presentation #3

Created in a wish for authenticity to let Chardonnay’s elegance be expressed without concession, this cuvée is totally different from our Extra Noir. Produced with grapes from the best Chardonnay plots classified Premier Cru, “Les Vouagnes” and “Mont Benoit”, it is characterised by its freshness and lightness. It has a brilliant, clear straw-yellow colour of good intensity, and releases fine bubbles that rise in plumes to produce a fine, persistent cordon. The forthcoming nose evokes white fruit, citrus fruit (lemons and grapefruit), white flowers (hawthorn and honeysuckle), then fragrances of pastries, apple turnovers and candied lemon. The full-bodied mouthfeel, lively and edgy, gives way to a richer, subtle mouth underpinned by good acidity and a polished freshness.

Cuvee #4

Extra Noir

100% Pinot Noir – Extra-brut dosage


Presentation #4

Vinified in 2010 with grapes from the “Les Chaillots” and “Les Hautes Vignes” plots, classified Premier Cru, this selection of the Domaine’s best Pinots Noirs d’Ecueil has been vinified in oak barrels made with wood from Ecueil forest. Through contact with the wood, the wine gains complexity, power and sweetness, balanced by the grape’s freshness and liveliness preserved by the absence of malolactic fermentation. Our Extra Noir has a nicely intense straw-yellow colour. Effervescence is sustained yet dense, composed of very fine bubbles. The first nose reveals delicate vanilla notes, which evolve into generous pastry notes that give the wine roundness and maturity. In the mouth, the attack enchants with its softness and its rich, full-bodied, generous character. The finish explodes in the mouth with its freshness, liveliness and a touch of coated acidity.

Cuvee #5

Rosé Héritage

80% Pinot Noir – 15% Chardonnay – 5% Pinot Meunier


Presentation #5

Produced with care according to the rules of the traditional Champagne method, by adding red wine to the white wine, our Rosé Héritage cuvée is characterised by the freshness of its fruity aromas. Its effervescence is strong and generous, with a beautiful white cordon of foam. The aromas explode in the nose and charm with their freshness, exuberance and the elegant red fruit notes hinting at cherries and raspberries.

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